Mystery of Malaysia Flight 370

MH370The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 heading from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing carrying 239 people onboard left many unanswered questions.

For weeks, theories about the planes absence led people to the belief of mechanical failure, foul play, suspicious passengers or simply that the Boeing 777 disintegrated into the air.

As the story untangled, authorities determined the plane might have changed directions, perhaps heading back to Malaysia. As each day brought new information and changing stories, the lack of details and confirmation furthered a sense of panic and confusion of the location of Flight 370.

The coverage of MH370 from various news sources led people to question the journalistic integrity of the competing sources. Racing to be the first with the breaking news of the whereabouts of Flight 370, many posited theories as fact.

For most people this story is tragic and devastating, but for the families of the 239 passengers on board, this story is a living nightmare. According to CNN, after more than two weeks of looking for the missing airplane, all data shows that the plane landed in the Indian Ocean.

The relatives of the passengers were notified about the news through a text message from Malaysia airlines. Relatives were told to assume “that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived,” crushing any bit of hope those families held onto.

Although all evidence points to the location of the Indian Ocean, the search continues for the missing airplane as we keep the thoughts of the 239 passengers and all their family members in mind.


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